Are seeds from a feminized plant also feminized?

Feminized cannabis seeds produce feminized, non-feminine plants according to appropriate scientific definitions. However, they are sometimes still referred to as “female seeds”. Since all the plants they produce must grow and bloom like females, it's easy to see how the two names are used interchangeably. Feminized cannabis seeds are produced so that all of the resulting plants are female.

The difference they have with regular cannabis seeds is that regular seeds produce plants that are half male and half female. What are feminized cannabis seeds? All of these seeds grow and become female plants. That means that each plant produces buds. With “regular” or non-feminized seeds, approximately half of the plants will be male, which do not produce buds.

They can also pollinate female plants (causing buds with seeds). Therefore, most growers will remove male plants from the grow room as soon as they are identified. Learn more about male versus female plants. Feminized seeds allow you to plan your crop more effectively because you don't have to throw away half of the plants once they start to bloom.

One of the most important reasons why it's important to consistently produce feminized seeds is to be able to reserve your genetics and characteristics, especially since feminized seeds can benefit a lot when it comes to the cannabis industry. On the other hand, I have heard of growers who buy feminized seeds from unreliable breeders and that a large part of their seeds turn into male or become hermies even in perfect growing conditions. When a female cannabis plant experiences extreme stress, it can affect results, but using feminized seeds is a good way to increase yields, save labor and get greater value from seeds. It depends on whether the kidney was bred with another female or if it needs it with a male, only female breeders with females will give you male feminized seeds and female will give you regular seeds.

The most important thing, whether you source feminized seeds or not, is that you source your seeds from a breeder who has a reputation for producing quality genetics. Cannabis growers apply creative techniques to the feminization of seeds to ensure that female genetics in seeds are associated with a success rate of almost 100%. I'm just saying that if I chose 5 different seeds from 5 different strains, and I based them on that specific table and sent them to you, specifically specifying that they were feminized seeds, I bet I could prove you wrong, I would give my left arm to prove you wrong on this lol. There is a very simple rule: no plant is female until you see its buds, any plant can hermiate and sexing from a seed is impossible.

People created tables like that when they were buying regular seeds in bulk and found them in their bags and ended up getting males anyway. This is a good way to sex your seeds, since this image says it's 100% accurate, that's how I determine my seeds. These feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that contain only female genetics and can be trusted to produce only female plants.