Can weed seeds prevent pregnancy?

Currently, there is no evidence to indicate that marijuana, or cannabis, decreases the effectiveness of birth control. While more research is still needed, cannabis is unlikely to negatively affect these methods of contraception. However, some possible side effects of cannabis use may interact with these medications. In addition, there is less evidence that marijuana can affect or delay ovulation.

There is no evidence that consuming marijuana seeds can kill sperm. Marijuana (also called marijuana, weed, and cannabis) is a drug that comes from the dry leaves, flowers, stems and seeds of the cannabis plant. Many young women praise marijuana seeds on social media, saying that they act as contraceptives. Of course, there are many other ways to deal with annoying stems and seeds that are arguably more affectionate and a little more reasonable than stem tea and seed planting.

It's probably no surprise that, yes, by planting the seeds found in the shake, it's possible to grow marijuana plants.