How to plant marijuana seeds directly in soil?

The first root tip is covered with microscopic filaments that are easily damaged. Since both a full cup of water and damp paper towels are more prone to temperature fluctuations in your environment, planting in the ground is a much safer option. There are many methods for germinating seeds indoors. For example, place the seed between cotton balls or paper towels sprayed with water, place the seed in a flash or in a small cup directly on the ground.

Planting directly into the growing medium avoids having to move the seeds when they are most fragile. Place the soil in a small pot and use your finger or a pencil to make a small hole in the soil, a little more than half an inch deep. Insert the seed into the hole and bury it with soil. From this moment on, don't touch your seed.

The young plant is fragile and knows how to position itself in the soil bed. DO NOT plant the seeds too deeply. The seeds have enough stored energy to pass through a quarter of an inch of soil. Adding fertilizers or “specialty products” will not improve or rescue a seed that is planted too deeply.

In general terms, a pale green, white, or very dark marijuana seed may have trouble germinating well. Your seed is the foundation of your plants, which is why many successful growers choose to start with high-quality seeds. In my free Grow Bible you'll find even more tips for germinating seeds and how to germinate weed seeds. The seed germination process is the foundation of every marijuana plant, and steps can be taken to boost harvest success.

Also known as bursting seeds, seed germination begins when a seed receives environmental signals that let it know that the environment is perfect for starting to grow. To avoid disappointment, seeds that have a darker coloration are more likely to germinate, while pale green or white seeds are prone to failure. After removing the seed tray from your shallow container, drill a 10 to 15 mm deep hole in the soil of each pot and gently transfer the seeds from its dry container to each hole. In my free Grow Bible you'll find even more tips for germinating seeds and how to germinate potted seeds.

Fresh or too green seeds indicate that they have not reached full maturity, while cannabis seeds that are pale green, white or very dark in color may have problems sprouting. The seeds should start sprouting in about two days, although older seeds can take up to a week to germinate. Plant the seed approximately one inch deep in the growing medium, cover it lightly, and allow the seed to emerge from the soil for about a week. Growing regular cannabis seeds is one of the most popular and easiest ways to grow marijuana plants.

Since all marijuana grows from a cannabis seed, many people want to know how to identify a healthy seed. The first step in learning how to plant marijuana seeds directly into the ground is to first make sure you use the right type.