How to tell when marijuana seeds are ready to harvest?

There are two ways to tell if your cannabis plants are ready for harvest, and a magnifying glass simplifies both methods. A jeweler's magnifier or a basic handheld magnifier is fine; a digital microscope is more expensive, but it will allow you to see the cocoons on a computer screen. As the cannabis flower reaches maturity, more pistils turn red or brown. A good rule of thumb is to harvest when just over 50 percent of the pistils have turned red or brown.

The naked eye method is good for beginners who don't have access to a magnifying glass or microscope. The marijuana plant gives us signals that indicate whether or not it is time to harvest and the key, as in almost the entire process of growing cannabis, is observation. If we notice that the flower pistils turn red or brown and are covered with resin, it's time to harvest. When the plant is already in its last week of flowering and the leaves turn yellow and die, it's time to harvest.

There was a time in our not-so-recent history when a bag of grass almost always included seeds. However, as cannabis cultivation evolved, so did the demand for sensimilla or high-quality seedless cannabis. Not only did breeders start developing their own custom strains, but they also began to specialize in growing very special cannabis seeds. These seeds are used both in the breeding process and in the wide distribution of the carefully created strain itself.

This is how feminized cannabis seeds are produced. Breeders will carefully emphasize a healthy female plant to “trick her into believing that her life or safety is in danger. Seed crops are harvested when the seeds are plump and dark, often looking like tiger stripes (about six to eight weeks after flowering). Now you play the waiting game.

Continue to care for and prune your growing plants, and keep an eye on your female for signs of fertilization. Once pollinated, most cannabis seeds fully mature within 4 to 6 weeks. You should expect to leave your flower fertilized on the plant longer than the bud that is not fertilized. Its color is an excellent indicator that your marijuana crops are ready to harvest.

Cannabis seeds marketed by Growers Choice Seeds are items intended for collectors and genetic conservation. Feminized seeds are made by inducing a female plant to produce seeds without being pollinated by a male. Although many farming operations aim to eliminate seeds to grow fine and sensimilla seeds, sometimes breeders want seeds. These resulting seeds will not contain a male Y chromosome, they will only retain the two X chromosomes of the female plant, and therefore all of the resulting seeds will be female.

Growers Choice Seeds will not sell or ship cannabis seeds to countries where their possession or trade is not legal. This method of fertilization will provide you with enough seeds to plant for your next harvest, without overwhelming your female plant with seeds in each shoot. Whether growing their own crops or selling them to a demanding public, cannabis seed growers aim to produce healthy and happy seeds instead of big, beautiful buds. Commercial seed harvesting usually involves special machines that grind the dried flowers and then move the trimming and seeds to separate containers.