What does a bad marijuana seed look like?

Conversely, white or green seeds are unlikely to germinate because they are not ripe. Pale seeds are also more likely to be old and ineffective. Healthy and viable cannabis seeds have a brown color that varies from a light to a much darker shade. Some seeds have a more uniform color, while others have multiple shades and patterns of tiger stripes or turtle shells.

This simple, cost-effective method is a great way to distinguish good genetics from bad genetics; they will literally sink or swim. Seeds that remain floating on the surface are more likely to be of poor quality and should be discarded. Seeds that sink to the bottom like a botanical cannonball are probably healthy and should germinate. This is how the life of the cannabis plant begins.

A viable seed looks brown with some streaks, hard to the touch and dry. If it feels weak or is white or light green, it is probably an undeveloped seed and will not produce a healthy plant. If you bought your seeds from a legitimate seed bank, you shouldn't worry about it. There is still a huge discrepancy between the quality of cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank and those found at the bottom of a mediocre marijuana bag.

Most seed producers agree that an average of three to six years is a maximum for viability, and each day the seed is stored decreases the chances of it germinating just a little. They'll keep marijuana seeds out of the light and dry, so all you have to do is store them in a cool place. When you examine a cannabis seed near a bright light, you can see a bright reflection, as if the seed had a layer of wax. Some growers claim that, when stored under ideal conditions, marijuana seeds can last six months to a year after packaging and can still come out once placed in the ground.

There's no sure way to distinguish between feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds just by looking at them. Yes, I agree that the best way to know that you are getting good cannabis seeds is to deal with a reputable and reliable seed bank. Ultimately, placing seeds in the ground and watching them emerge on seedlings is the best way to identify seed quality. Viable seeds that sank to the bottom of the cup will have taken water, crossing the seed membrane and signaling that it is time to come to life by activating germination.

In addition to being dark, for your marijuana seeds to last a long time, you must expose them to as little oxygen and carbon dioxide as possible. Some strains simply produce smaller seeds than others, and sometimes the same plant can produce seeds of different sizes and shapes. The large amount of variation between cannabis seeds means that even good quality seeds differ in appearance. Similarly, home growers with a small amount of seeds don't risk much simply germinating all their seeds to see how things go.